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Welcome to for Slack!

About is a powerful survey tool designed to help organizations identify burnout predictors among their employees.

Installation Instructions:

1. Click the "Install to Slack" button and select your workspace to begin the installation process.

Configuration Details:

2. After installation, you'll need to configure the app to tailor it to your organization's needs. Here's what you can customize:
  • Channel Selection: Choose the Slack channel where survey announcements and results will be published.
  • Admin Setup: Set up a list of administrators who will manage the surveys and app settings.
  • Survey Scheduling: Configure the survey schedule to meet your organization's requirements.
  • Additional Questions: Customize your surveys with additional questions related to departments, roles, or employee locations.
  • Audience Targeting: Define your survey audience by selecting specific channels or your entire workspace.
  • Welcome Message: Craft a welcoming message to engage participants when they receive the survey.

Slash Commands:

3. offers the following slash commands:
  • /teal: Displays a starting message that allows you to perform various actions with the bot.
  • /teal help: Use this command to contact our support team for assistance.


4. keeps you informed with the following messages:
  • The bot sends messages to the admin who installed the bot to provide updates and notifications.
  • When a survey is created, the bot sends confirmation messages to the admin and the selected channel, indicating that the survey will soon be distributed.
  • The bot sends scheduled survey messages to participating employees in their private messages, following admin-created surveys.
  • After the survey, the bot shares results in the selected channel, accompanied by a link to the statistics page and feedback texts.

Getting Started:

5. To begin using, simply install it in your workspace, configure the settings, and start gathering valuable insights to support your organization's well-being initiatives.

Support and Assistance:

6. Need help or have questions? Reach out to our support team at for prompt assistance. — Empowering Your Workplace Wellness!